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X 1999 Clamp Laserdisc Box front More Details no cover art
X 1999 The Movie (1996) Bandai
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Dolby Surround, Widescreen, full CAV
Catalog #: BEAL-995 - 98 minutes - ¥ 14,800

X Clamp Laserdisc front < Front || Back > CLAMP Anime Laserdisc back
X² aka "Double X" (1993) Sony
Stereo, full CAV
Catalog #: SRLW 1577 - 25 minutes - ¥ 4,800

XX: utsukushiki kinô Laserdisc front Insert Sheet Beautiful Killing Machine Laserdisc back
XX: utsukushiki kinô (1996) Toei
Catalog #: LSTD01312 - 92 minutes - ¥ 4,700