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Alien Anthology Limited Edition Facehugger Relief Blu-ray Box

Alien Anthology Blu-ray

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Alien Anthology Blu-ray

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Alien Anthology Blu-ray
So if you unpack the box, you'll first have to remove an "info" slip that also displays the age
certificate, then you can pull out the inner box, which holds 6 discs and a booklet.
Artwork on the front is basically the same, but this time its only a print of the Facehugger, not a relief.
Third pic on the right is the back of the outer box, without info slip.

Alien Blu-Ray Goodies

And here's a pic of all the stuff together. The inner box which holds the discs on trays and the booklet in the pocket on the left, next to it the outer box with the Facehugger relief and the info slip thing which can be removed easily if you don't like it. Below you see the 14 pages booklet and two pamphlets that came along as well.

Movie Details:
Disc 1 "Alien" 1979 Theatrical Cut 117 minutes + 2003 Director's Cut 115 minutes.
Disc 2 "Aliens" 1986 Theatrical Cut 137 minutes + 1990 Special Edition 154 minutes.
Disc 3 "Alien 3" 1992 Theatrical Cut 114 minutes + 2003 Special Edition 145 minutes.
Disc 4 "Alien Resurrection" 1997 Theatrical Cut 109 minutes + 2003 Special Edition 145 minutes.
And two additional discs full of extras and stuff.

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